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COVID-19 Small Business Rescue Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic is compromising our nation's physical and financial health. As consumers self-quarantine, businesses lose the income they need to overcome an unprecedented recession. Nonessential businesses have been forced to close their doors, and even the food-service industry is struggling to survive the substantial hit to their steady flow of business.

At the Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution & Accounting Firm, our seasoned legal team is here to provide the resources your business needs. We can help you complete the application process for SBA loans, secure maximum funding, and protect your business from future penalties and disputes. Funds may be limited due to the circumstances at hand, however, so we urge you to act quickly and get in touch with our team right away.

Call (866)-817-0090 or contact us online today. We can work the law to your advantage and help you attain maximum financial support during this crisis.

How Are We Helping Small Business Owners Survive?

  • Small Business Association Forgivable Loans Up to $10 Million
  • Small Business Emergency Grants Up to $10,000
  • Early (No-Penalty) withdrawals up to $100,000!
  • Payroll tax deferral to 2021/2022
  • Recovery Checks to $3,700


SBA and Forgivable Loans

Selecting the right loan for your business and current situation may be a challenge without guidance. You also may not be able to find the most advantageous loans, especially when funds have become severely limited.

During this crisis, we can help you find and secure the best possible Small Business Association (SBA) loan. You may be able to benefit from a COVID-19-specific loan with a low-interest rate, which the Association is currently offering small businesses.

Additionally, you could qualify for a forgivable loan. These only cover certain expenses and are most often available to students. During COVID-19, however, you may qualify for certain programs that allow you to secure a forgivable loan. We can help you report your expenses in a way that maximizes the amount you receive.

No matter the type of loan you seek, we can optimize your likelihood of success and ensure you attain the financial resources you need.

Emergency Funds and Stimulus Checks

Historically, state and federal governments have dispersed funds such as stimulus checks during severe recessions and other emergencies. We can assess whether your business will qualify for this assistance. We can also recommend ways to qualify if you may not appear immediately eligible.

Tax Preparation

To take out SBA loans, you will likely need to be up to date on your tax returns. We can handle this matter with the urgency you require. Additionally, we can prepare prior years of returns too!

Payroll Tax Credits

Using the disaster part of the tax code, our team can help you maximize payroll credits and deductions. Our goal is to help you claim every expense possible during the pandemic.

Let Us Help Your Business Survive

As a solution-oriented team, the Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution & Accounting Firm develops comprehensive plans to help clients overcome financial challenges. A broad variety of laws can protect you during disasters, and we want to help you take full advantage of this legal framework.

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