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If you cannot pay the tax debt right now, you may be eligible for a postponement of payments under hardship status, you can prove that your monthly expenses prevent you from being able to pay what is owed. The Oklahoma tax lawyers at the Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution & Accounting Firm are 100% devoted to helping clients fix their IRS issues.

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Over the years, we've helped hundreds of companies and individuals fight for relief and are equipped to take on any case, no matter how complex. In addition, we provide ongoing accounting and bookkeeping services to prevent you from having to deal with this again.

Qualifications for Hardship Status

To find out if you qualify for hardship status (or currently not collectible) the IRS will investigate your financial situation and will expect to receive documents that reflect costs like your mortgage or rent payments, as well as pay stubs. The IRS also will ask about expenses like food, clothing, transportation, and utilities. You must prove that unnecessary economic hardship would be created if the IRS were to collect the taxes they are owed.

IRS may approve hardship status if:

  • An exempt organization, corporation, or LLC was liquidated in bankruptcy
  • A taxpayer dies and there is no way to collect from the estate or decedent
  • An exempt organization, corporation, or LLC cannot pay taxes
  • The taxpayer cannot be reached by the IRS even with the address
  • The collections statute of limitations expired
  • The taxpayer is in a foreign country and the IRS cannot collect
  • The IRS cannot find the taxpayer and his or her assets
  • The assessment was expired prior to the IRS issuing it

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