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IRS Customer Service Phone Number Impossible to Navigate Only to be Pointed to the IRS Login?

Contacting the IRS concerning your tax debt and can't get through with the IRS phone number?

With decades of proven results, IRS tax professionals at IRS Health (Travis Watkins Tax) has earned a national following across national and various state news outlets. 

Contacting the IRS can be taxing and after 4-hours on hold, the IRS does a "courtesy disconnect" to start the process all over again. 

You can also try to call the IRS customer service phone number to see if they received your payment only to tell you to go to your IRS login portal, after 4-hours of waiting on hold. Once you try to set up an account through the IRS login -> you will need the following to verify your identity. 

  • Email Address
  • Knowledge of Financial history (this can be a headache) or photo ID
  • Social Security Number

Once created, you will then have to do your research on how to analyze your IRS transcripts. You can always try contacting the IRS again with the IRS phone number? I highly doubt you have the time to go through all of these steps over-and-over again. 

A well-informed tax attorney can help you achieve the right steps to help yourself! IRS Health is an IRS tax helper with encrypted systems maintaining confidentially without setting off alarms at the IRS that we are investigating the master files they keep on you. We never have to call the IRS phone number to know if they "got" your payment. Our IRS Health Monitoring System carefully monitors your tax situation with review of your IRS notices and transcripts without ever using the IRS login portal or contacting the IRS through their customer service phone number. If we see items of concern, we will reach out to you immediately. During your membership, you can access all the IRS correspondence we receive in one organized filed in your member portal, 24/7 without ever contacting the IRS yourself!

Here is how it works:

  1. Sign-up for one of our packages offered (IRS Monitoring, IRS Monitoring PLUS, or Business IRS Monitoring)
    • After the first 30-days, recurring monthly membership is required
  2. Login to your member portal and sign our 8821-this gives authorization for us to utilize our software on your behalf
  3. Upload the signed 8821
  4. Once our system process the 8821 (with the IRS-without setting off any alarms), we will send you an annual report card outline your master tax file and any red flags that we may notice. 

Your "IRS customer service" is available 24/7 through your member portal with IRS Health. Gain your peace of mind that nothing falls through the cracks, with an experienced tax attorney who deals with the IRS daily. 


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