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The Law Offices of Travis W. Watkins, P.C. helps taxpayers from all walks of life get control of their tax problems for the good of their families and themselves. Travis' client, Kat Albert, and her husband got behind on filing their taxes. One year became two, and suddenly their IRS debt had snowballed to over $400,000. Add to this the daily stress and fear of IRS levies and the May 2013 tornados (all at a time when Kat herself was 20 weeks pregnant) and the Albert family found themselves in major turmoil. However, all the forces beyond their control was reason enough for the IRS to allow the Albert family a fresh start from their tax problem. The Law Offices of Travis W. Watkins, P.C. helped the Alberts obtain an IRS offer in compromise, which allowed them to settle their tax debt for about 10% of what they owed. This one was tough. The Alberts had a ravenous IRS revenue officer assigned to the case, who wanted the Alberts to pay a large one-size-fits-all payment plan. Nonetheless, in less than a year, Travis' team had negotiated this financial asylum. If you are facing insurmountable IRS debt, don't put off a discussion with a local, licensed lawyer who deals with the IRS everyday, for another day. Call tax attorney, Travis Watkins, at (866) 817-0090 and start getting your life and a good night's sleep today! The consultation is free.

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