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  • Offer In Compromise Accepted For Mother Of Five!

    Mother of five who got stuck with a tax bill created by her ex-husband and his business. Their divorce decree stated that he would take care of the taxes but after a couple years he had not done so. She was very anxious and had recently remarried. She wanted to free herself of the tax debt so she... Read On

  • Tax Levy Released! Over $170,000 Saved!

    A local business owner who was struggling to keep his company afloat, ran into tax trouble by not fulfilling his payroll responsibilities. His tax debt quickly rose to an outstanding balance of over $200,000. Since he decided to not take immediate action, a revenue officer was then assigned to hi... Read On

  • Claremore, OK Resident Settles IRS Debt For $60!!

    Times were hard for TaxHelpOK client, J.L. in Claremore, Oklahoma. He had over $15,000 in IRS debt and had not filed the last 9 years of tax returns. He also had court ordered payments and his new family was living on very little money. TaxHelpOK submitted an IRS Offer in Compromise on January 1... Read On

  • Oklahoma City Fireman Receives Federal And State Tax Relief

    With child support payments, 4 dependents, judgment garnishments and federal and state tax levies in force, an Oklahoma City firefighter was going home on payday with a meager $100 in his pocket every month. Matters got worse when he was injured on the job. Due to our efforts, the IRS released i... Read On

  • Taxpayer Saves 89% Of $135,280.10 Tax Liability!

    A recent client was unable to pay off his tax debt and he didn't know where to turn for help. On top of the insurmountable tax obligation, he was unable to work because of his disability. In order to keep their head above water financially, his wife ran a beauty shop from their home. Fortunately,... Read On

  • IRS Waives $6,081.15 In Penalties!

    A client came to us who hasn't filed her tax returns in years. She thought her husband at the time, was filing for her. After her life was heading in a downwards spiral she split ties with her husband. This is when she found out about her tax liability and didn't know where to turn. Once we were ... Read On

  • IRS Waives $209,650 In Penalties!

    A recent taxpayer decided to go into business with a “reliable” partner. Once their business was established, our client discovered that his business partner was embezzling company funds and had not paid their payroll tax. After working with authorities the criminal business partner went to priso... Read On

  • Tax Liability Of $69,487.18 Settled For $3,000!

    A local small business owner was struggling to make ends meet and could not pay his estimated tax payments to the IRS. This accumulated quickly into an insurmountable tax liability of $69,487.18, with penalties and interest accruing. The stress and sleepless nights on this issue were unbearable a... Read On

  • Taxpayer Saves Over $250,000!

    A self-employed husband and wife came to us in much despair on how to tackle the overmounting tax debt of $297,768. They didn't know where to turn and were tired of sleepless nights. They made the right decision in coming to our office. We quickly created a customized action plan and were able to... Read On

  • Travis Watkins Negotiates Currently Not Collectible Status For Oklahoma City Therapist

    Friday, March 2, 2012 about 5:00 p.m. we received word from an IRS supervisor that they had accepted our proposal to place a woman in her 60's, a local self-employed therapist, into Status 53 (currently not collectible status). With a levy on the horizon, we were forced to immediately deal with t... Read On

  • Single Mom Gets IRS Relief

    We did it again! Another client got good news today from our office...just in time for Thanksgiving. The IRS has preliminarily approved our proposal that the IRS place her in hardship status! This means that while in this status she is granted relief from all collection activity! As a mother, and... Read On

  • Retired Taxpayers Receive 93% Reduction Of IRS Bill

    Both taxpayers are retired and their only income is social security. They had been in a $500/month installment agreement and got a notice their tax liability had increased. They came to us to see if they could make an offer in compromise. They had recently inherited a home with no encumbrances. ... Read On

  • Travis Watkins Fights IRS Attempt To Force Aged Veteran To Pay Someone Else's Taxes

    Nothing gives you a sense of powerlessness like a Federal Tax Lien. Just ask my client, Robert Sprinkle. It's the IRS' not so gentle way of securing its interest in your real and personal property when you have back taxes. However, Mr. Sprinkle didn't have back taxes. In fact, he was/is a model c... Read On

  • $32,386 Tax Liability Settled For $475!

    A client retained our office a very short time ago with several years of unfiled tax returns. also, the IRS had filed some returns for him which resulted in a tax liability of $32,386! The IRS then took action and started garnishing his wages. He was unable to provide for his family, due to the f... Read On

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