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  • IRS Waives $3,249.85 In Penalties!

    A taxpayer was going through a hard time when his hours were being shortened from his employer. In order to keep his head above water financially, he began his own small business. Sadly, he ran into self-employment tax issues and was unsure on how to tackle this burden. Fortunately, he came to Tr... Read On

  • Self-Employed Taxpayer Saves Over $100,000 With IRS Offer In Compromise Program.

    Self-Employed Taxpayer Saves Over $100,000 With$4,680.00 Offer Accepted on $142,042.64 IRS Debt! Our self-employed client fell behind on estimated payments for several years. The liability started out relatively small and soon ballooned into something much larger. She became more and more concer... Read On

  • Client Saves Over 99.99% Tax Liability!

    A recent client of ours ran into trouble with his retirement fund when he decided to cash out money. The IRS distinguishes this as income, in which you are liable to pay your taxes. With his disability, he desperately needed the compensation and didn't know how he was ever going to pay the tax de... Read On

  • $238,723.26 Tax Liability Settled For $3,588!

    A hard-working oil and gas man moved to Oklahoma from Wyoming to pursue a better job opportunity to help fund his wife's health complications. Since he was a 1099 earner, taxes were not withheld. To make matters worse, he wasn't able to file or pay his quarterly taxes to the IRS. After a full inv... Read On

  • Taxpayers Business Almost Takes Home.

    A husband and wife, with 4 kids, owned a local business that was struggling to stay alive. When this business started to go under they got behind on payroll taxes. This was a struggle for the mother of 4, because her husband was required to travel for months at a time for his career. This left th... Read On

  • Travis Watkins Negotiates Currently Not Collectible Status For Disabled Woman

    We recently had success getting another client in a collection hold (status 53)! Our client, a former Tinker Air Force Base employee, can no longer work because of her bi-polar condition and severe diabetes. Her diabetes resulted in a leg amputation. Our client had previously been in uncollectib... Read On

  • IRS Waives $2,495.36 In Penalties!

    A recent taxpayer came to our office in despair with nowhere to turn. His wages were being levied and he was struggling to stay afloat financially. Upon hiring Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution and Accounting Firm we were able to release the levy the day of! Soon after, we had the IRS waive all of... Read On

  • IRS Releases Million Dollar Lien Filed In Error Against Our Clients

    Let me say it again: the IRS makes mistakes. This one could have been costly, as it was for more than $1 million. Read On

  • 86% Saved On $576,877.17 Liability!

    A recent client attempted an Offer in Compromise on his own, but gained no ground on resolving the insurmountable debt. His tax burden kept accumulating penalties and interest during the lengthy convoluted process and just became too much to deal with alone. Once coming to Travis W. Watkins Tax R... Read On

  • Travis Watkins Relieves OKC Business From Payroll Tax Debt

    My most recent case story is a HUGE success. Just last week I heard back from the OKC Revenue Officer that my proposal for settling payroll tax debt and paying out the remainder of tax was accepted! My clients can keep their doors open, have a lowered tax liability, and are now on a payout plan t... Read On

  • Watkins Saves Oklahoma Commercial Airline $120,000

    On a technicality, the Oklahoma Tax Commission stuck an Oklahoma commercial airline with a massive excise tax on a newly acquired Cessna Citation XLS aircraft. The airline fought the assessment for 2 years, while exorbitant penalties and interest accrued. They hired us and we went before the Com... Read On

  • OKC Retired Pastor Gets Offer In Compromise Acceptance!

    This just in: Oklahoma City retired pastor gets preliminary Offer In Compromise acceptance! Legal counsel Travis Watkins received an exciting call from the IRS Offer Examiner assigned to the case. "I am recommending this offer for acceptance," she said. Once approved, Travis Watkins will have got... Read On

  • Social Security Levy Waived!

    A retired government worker who was making ends meet through Social Security benefits ran into a difficult financial situation. The IRS planted a levy on his Social Security for the tax liability of over $24,000. In order to pay off his tax burden, each check had a deduction of roughly $400 a mon... Read On

  • $3,000,000 Tax Liability Settled For $60,000!

    An independent contractor was being audited by the IRS regarding his business expenses. He attempted to work with the IRS regarding his tax burden, but was running into a continuous dead end. This taxpayer enlisted the help of Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution and Accounting Firm after becoming de... Read On

  • IRS Releases Levies Of Prominent Oklahoma City Lawyer

    The IRS has released a wrongful levy of a high profile OKC lawyer, who is our client. The Revenue Officer assigned to the case performed "research" of public court filings on the Oklahoma Supreme Court Network ("OSCN") and determined some of the lawyer's corporate clients from court filings. Also... Read On

  • Travis Watkins Gets Local Business' Bank Levy Released

    January 10, 2012. This just in! Travis Watkins gets client's bank levy released! After filing appeals left and right, speaking with supervisors and exhausting all options within the IRS system (everything short of filing a law suit) success came over the fax machine today. The official Release o... Read On

  • Watkins Saves Mom And Pop Trucking Company From Full Effect Of Existing IRS Levy

    Mr. Watkins negotiated a partial levy release for a small family-owned trucking company in far northwestern Oklahoma this week. The trucking company is deeply in debt for payroll taxes. The company retained our office to stop an existing IRS bank levy and negotiate collection alternatives with an... Read On

  • $50.00 Offer Accepted On $118,289.19 Liability!

    A client of ours was down on his luck and ran into financial hardship. He didn't know how he was ever going to get out of the hole that he was in. He ran into financial turmoil after he was paying for his (at the time) wife's advanced education. Once the IRS got wind of his tax liability they iss... Read On

  • Another Client Gets Levy Release Negotiated By Travis Watkins

    Every case is different. Similar results may not be obtained in your case. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. We did it again! We are holding in our hands a Release of Levy from the IRS. Actually we are waving it around in excitement. Another case gets IRS relief! A Tulsa, Oklah... Read On

  • Offer In Compromise Accepted For $5.00!

    A local insurance agent came to our office, because he had no where to turn after being levied and was unable to renew his professional license. This quickly became an overwhelming amount of stress for him and his family with the accumulating tax liability of $473,000. After being levied, a reven... Read On

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