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If you have received a tax bill, you may want to know how long the IRS has to collect after a tax assessment. Oklahoma tax lawyer Travis Watkins has your answers in this video. Watch this video to learn more. The tax code has many rules and a myriad of exceptions to specific rules; however, there are certain rules that are clear. For example, if you received a tax bill from the IRS after you submitted your tax return, the IRS has ten years from that assessment date to collect their money. If the ten years has run out, they cannot pursue collection of the money due to the IRS statute of limitations. This statute only applies to people who file tax returns and have been assessed, and does not apply to people who never filed their tax returns. If you would like to know more about how the IRS statute of limitations can benefit you, or to find out exceptions to the rules, such as offers in compromise, bankruptcy, or installment agreement requests, then call the Law Office of Travis Watkins today. An experienced Oklahoma tax attorney will provide you with a free legal consultation by calling (405) 454-8373. You can also visit our website to view our other videos, articles, blogs and helpful resources.

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