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Five Things To Include In An IRS Hardship Status Claim

Posted by Travis Watkins | Jan 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

The decision to file an IRS hardship status claim was not a difficult one for you to reach. You know that you do not live extravagantly. You know how hard you are working and that you are just making ends meet. Paying your back taxes to the IRS would be a true hardship. Yet, it is not enough that your finances are tight here in Oklahoma City. You must prove it to the IRS agent or revenue officer who has been assigned to your case.

What to Include in Your IRS Hardship Status Claim

As you fill out the correct IRS form to file a hardship status claim (the form will vary depending on your employment situation), it is important to remember to include things such as:

  1. Income information
  2. The value of your assets
  3. All of your current expenses, including but not limited to mortgage or rental payments, car payments, utilities, clothing, food, loan payments, court ordered payments, etc.
  4. The amount of current debts
  5. Healthcare expenses, if applicable

Of course, this list does not include everything that you should tell the IRS. That may be something to discuss with your tax lawyer in Oklahoma City.

Now Is the Time to Know Everything

It is important to include all relevant information with your IRS hardship status claim to improve the chances that the claim will be approved. Accordingly, we encourage you to contact a lawyer to talk about filing a hardship, or currently not collectible, claim. We also encourage you to leave a blog comment with any tips you might have for others who are struggling to pay IRS back taxes.

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