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Can I Lose My Business If The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) Says I Didn't Pay Sales Taxes?

It is possible that the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) could force your Oklahoma business to close if you have failed to pay the required sales taxes. More specifically, the OTC has the legal authority to take away your Oklahoma sales tax permit, which could cause you to lose your business.

Accordingly, it is important to take any allegation of failure to pay sales tax in Oklahoma very seriously. Whether or not you believe the allegations to be true, you can be confident that the OTC is going to aggressively come after you for the alleged failure to pay state sales tax.

As an Oklahoma business owner, you may be required to collect sales tax from your customers and then pay the state the tax you collected. Your role is like one of a trustee of state revenues. If you cannot or do not pay the taxes to the state, then you can expect Oklahoma, through the OTC, to come after you for the money that is owed.

One of the ways that the state can come after you is to take your sales tax permit and close your business. However, even if that happens you may still be liable for any unpaid sales tax.

Thus, it is important to protect your business by contacting an experienced Norman tax lawyer as soon as you suspect a problem. Our experienced Norman tax attorneys welcome your inquiry via this website or by phone at (405) 703-5689. We invite you to learn more about protecting your rights by reading our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.