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Oklahoma Taxpayers: Know Your Options If You Receive An IRS CP 14 Notice

Posted by Travis Watkins | Apr 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

The CP 14 notice may look confusing, but an IRS CP 14 notice is meant to send a clear message to a taxpayer. If you receive an IRS CP 14 notice, then the IRS is telling you that, according to the agency, you owe money on unpaid federal taxes. It provides specific information about how much you owe, what you should do next, and the dates by which you need to take action in order to avoid further problems.

An IRS CP 14 Notice Means That You Should Take Action

One of the worst things that you can do is to ignore the notice. That will not make the issue go away and will cause the IRS to consider further penalties. Accordingly, you generally need to take action to protect yourself, and you may have the following options. Specifically, you may:

  • Pay what the IRS says you owe by the date indicated on the notice.
  • Submit an offer in compromise and/or develop a payment plan to satisfy your federal tax debt.
  • Fight back if you disagree with the content of the notice. The IRS indicates that you should call the agency directly if you disagree with the content of the notice. However, you have the right to contact a Tulsa tax lawyer for help first, and you have the right to choose that your tax lawyer talk with the IRS on your behalf.

It can be scary to receive an IRS CP 14 notice. However, it is important to remember that, if you do nothing, interest and penalties will accrue after the date indicated in the notice, and your problem may become more complex.

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