Life is coming at us all at lightning speed. When the dust settles and you have an IRS problem left over, it can feel hopeless. This client called Travis Watkins and settled his $40,000 debt for $2,000.

Our client got a divorce. He racked up some bills and a big one he couldn't pay: an IRS bill. 

He was hoping to start a new life, but this tax problem was holding him back. He almost gave up hope. That's when he called Travis Watkins.

Our client owed nearly $40,000 to the IRS. Through the IRS' Offer in Compromise program, he was able to settle that debt for $2,000 and get a fresh start.

Watch and listen to this client walk you through the process from stress to ultimate relief and excitement to having his IRS problem in the rear-view mirror. 



Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney