IRS grovels for spending your tax dollars making silly training videos spoofing Star Trek. Pricetag? Ready for this? $60,000!! Shattner and other earthlings are appalled!

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this!!! I use the Freedom of Information Act all the time...CBS News used it really creatively back in March, 2013 and uncovered a true Space Oddity:

An IRS internal training video spoofing Star Trek...

This is hilarious because it’s not funny at all, know what I mean? It’s trying to be funny, but it’s like watching a bunch of band kids re-hash all their inside jokes after Summer Camp.

No animals were harmed in this film, but I think they used real IRS revenue agents and officers, and that's tragic. Now, what do you think was the production costs were for that gem? $10,000? 20,000?


Try, a whopping 60,000!! 

In hindsight, Then-Acting Commissioner, Steven Miller (the evasive guy in the Congressional hearings), admitted that this (and another video spoofing Gilligan’s Island!) was a mistake.

This likely came when SHATNER, CAPT KIRK HIMSELF, tweeted: "So I watched that IRS video. I am appalled at the utter waste of US tax dollars."  There really is nothing that leads to suspicion and distrust of the Service (spying and being political included) than catching them red-handed wasting our money.

P.S. Stay tuned, I will try to get the Gilligan’s Island video