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Travis Watkins Saves Taxpayer $450,000+ With Offer In Compromise

This is Travis Watkins' client, Harold. Harold is an Oklahoma businessman who hit a rough patch in 2001 and had to file bankruptcy. That bankruptcy left him with a tax bill over $500,000. Dealing with other tax professionals, Harold was put on the 'back burner' and left to fend for himself. Understandably, Harold was stressed, and it took a toll on his health. On the advice of his accountant, Harold came to The Law Offices of Travis W. Watkins, P.C., an Oklahoma full service tax help firm, and got a fully accepted offer in compromise for less than 12 cents on the dollar in less than a year! While it was going on, Harold experienced a full collection hold. Harold has literally experienced a 'new lease on life.' Folks, this is the stuff that Travis Watkins can do for you today!