Watkins Settles Taxpayer's $39,000 Tax Bill For $2,131

Travis Watkins Law Firm’s performance was simply outstanding, they were upfront and truthful, excellent in communication throughout the process and always returned my call.

My story; I went through a very difficult divorce which cost me my life savings. During this three year period I fell behind in my Taxes. I searched multiple web-sights all claiming they could help but when I Googled what others had to say about them, most people spent thousands of dollars only to obtain a monthly payment plan for the full balance they owed. I decided to submitted to the IRS an OIC, they called me months later and said to my offer was denied. The IRS wanted ¼ of my monthly paycheck for 10+ years. I am 55 years old, having this debt with the IRS would destroy any hope at rebuilding my savings for retirement. I searched the internet hoping to find a legitimate law firm. I discovered Travis Watkins Law Firm and read others testimonials, I had to take a chance and called them. Travis himself returned my call in 24 hours, he spent enough time on the phone with me to answer my questions and calm my fears. I decided to hire him. I am now ecstatic about his law firm’s results. I received a letter from the IRS about 9 months later and they have accepted my OIC, I owed the IRS $39,000 dollars plus fees and interest, I will now settle with the IRS for the sum of $2131.00.

Yes, this sounds impossible but Travis Watkins Law Firm achieved this outcome for me. I am beyond grateful for their outstanding service and I highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you again Travis Watkins Law Firm.

John U, Converse, TX