Need Help Negotiating with the IRS? Learn HowTravis Watkins Helped an Oklahoma Oilman.

"To whom this may touch their lifes, as I assure you it has mine, BIG wake up call about life & Tax's, I work as a Drilling consultant, I make fairly good money when working, in this type of work you sale your professionalism as a consultant.

I had been paying my taxes in quarterly, and things were going smoothly, until one night while working at my job, consulting for for a company in Colorado, my wife calls me on the phone to give me the news about the tax's, she advised me that the money we always put back to pay the tax's in our safe at home. She had gambled the money away at the Casino's, that she had been in touch with the IRS, a woman by the name of Mrs. Terry Breedlove, needless to say when my paycheck was due there was a letter that the IRS had put a levy on all my accounts, including taking my entire pay check, 100% leaving no money for that month, around $23,000 per month.  My wife had hired a tax group out of California, attempting to handle this on her own, without me finding out, but when they told her we owed $395,000 she contacted me after they garnished estimated $70,000 plus of my wages, I was forced to leave that job, as I could not continue working for nothing and flying myself to Colorado, and renting a vehicle.  I know people don't understand the Oilfield, but its like a Union, the word of mouth travels, and they don't want someone managing their business, if they can't handle there own."

I had to go to Muskogee OK.  To the I.R.S. builing and have a verbal meeting with I.R.S. representative on the matter, she really didn't want to hear what I had to say, she was very rude with me, telling me what I would pay the I.R.S. per month, I told her that some months I didn't make that much.

After leaving the building and returning home, I located a Tax attorney, Travis Watkins office, and hired him to assist me on this matter, they did all the talking to the I.R.S. and managed to hold them off, to where I have a chance to gather myself up financially.  He and his staff really understand my hardship and have communicated that effictively to the I.R.S.  They got me into "uncollectable" status, where I pay nothing while I get back on my feet and the I.R.S. stays away from our home or any other garnishments.

J.E. of Poteau, Oklahoma