Your tax problems solved – Discovering solutions for dealing with the IRS

Facing what seems like an insurmountable tax debt can be overwhelming. Learn about the different options for settling payroll and employment tax liabilities, as well as how to handle income tax debt and IRS Revenue Officers. Discovering your options can potentially save you thousands of dollars in penalties and garnished wages, and prevent your home and assets from being seized by the government.

Types of ProblemsTypes of Problems

Learn about the types of tax problems that many Americans are facing during these tough economic times, as well as how to remedy them. Find out how unpaid payroll or employment taxes, inability to pay income tax, and dealing with an IRS Revenue Officer can affect your life, your property, and your paycheck.

Alternative SolutionsAlternative Solutions

Facing insurmountable tax debt can be overwhelming. But learning about how to handle that debt while still saving your assets can help relieve some of that stress and enable you to come up with a plan to settle the debt. Discover the different options that attorney Travis Watkins can help you use to satisfy the IRS.