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  • Directions

Need directions from our old office on NW 58th St. to our NEW OFFICE on NW 63rd St.?

  • Head toward N. May Ave.

  • Go north (turn right) on N. May Ave.

  • Go west (turn left) on 63rd St.

  • Turn right onto NW 64th St. 

  • Pull into Jamestown Office Park

  • Enter through the East entrance

  • Go one floor up (2nd floor) with the elevator or stairs

  • Travis W. Watkins Tax Resolution and Accounting Firm is located at 200E (left of the elevator). 


It is important to know before you start tackling your tax debt that the so-called "tax professionals" you hear about on TV or the radio cannot always work the miracles that they claim to be able to do.

Even if the professional is a former IRS "agent", there are certain things that even the most experienced tax "agent" cannot accomplish. For example:

  • It is not always possible to save "pennies on the dollar". What many of these national chains do not disclose is that most of the time, the Offer in Compromise will be rejected, and that's even if you qualify. Not taking the best route for your situation right from the beginning will end up costing you more in the long run. 
  • There is no way to become an Offer in Compromise candidate without having your IRS master tax file analyzed. The entire file must be analyzed by a licensed professional to ensure that you really are eligible. Simply checking your assets, income, and debt over the phone will only do one thing-determine whether or not you will be able to pay the "salesman" who advertises tax debt relief. 
  • Just because a company employs "ex-IRS agents" does not mean that it can benefit your situation. There is a major deifference between types of IRS officials. A Revenue Officer is a person who handles situations where back taxes are owed. Revenue Agents or Auditors are tax examinrs who take tax returns and apply applicable federal tax laws. Depending on your unique situation, the agents advertised may not be of any help. Always ask for credentials and research the company or lawyer in question before hiring anyone to handle your case. 

There are countless reasons why so many Americans have problems paying their taxes: illness, crime, or a life-altering incident can eat up income delegated for the IRS, or an unforseen business expense can affect the ability to pay your company's liabilities.

For many years, tax relief attorney Travis Watkins has helped clients throughout Oklahoma with a wide range of tax problems. These are some of the most common reasons why families and businesses face penalties for unpaid taxes.

  • Bank Levy Release
  • Wage Levy Release
  • Lien Release
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Payroll Tax Relief
  • On-Going Tax Return Preparation
  • IRS Appeal Representation
  • Bankruptcy Analysis
  • Corporate Formation
  • Uncollectible Status
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting
  • Penalty Foregiveness
  • Unfiled Tax Return Preparation
  • Revenue Officer Entanglements 
  • Innocent Spouse Relief 
  • Audit Representation
  • Investigative Services
  • Installment Agreement
  • Tax Law

We provide troubled taxpayers with a customized, actionable plan to file old returns, negotiate with the IRS and stop immediate threats to their livelihood, so they can get a good night's sleep again. Call us today to set up your FREE consultation at 405-607-1192. Remember, the longer you wait to get help, the more penalties and interest you accrue. 

From our centrally-located Oklahoma City office, we provide tenacious representation before the IRS and the OTC for taxpayers throughout the state of Oklahoma. Find directions to our office here.

From Points North:

  • Head toward Oklahoma City on I-35 S/US-77 S
  • Follow I-35 S and I-44 to Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City. Take exit 125C from I-44
  • Continue on Northwest Expressway, exiting onto N May Ave.
  • Turn right onto NW 58th St.
  • Our building will be on the left.

From Points East:

  • Head toward Oklahoma City on US-62 W.
  • Merge onto I-35 N.
  • Drive approximately 3 miles, then take exit 133 on the left for I-44 W toward Lawton.
  • Take exit 125C on the left for Oklahoma 3A/Northwest Expressway.
  • After about 1 miles, turn right onto NW 58th St.
  • Our building will be on the left.

From Points South:

  • Travel on I-44 E/US-62E toward Oklahoma City.
  • Continue onto OK-3 W.
  • After about 1 mile, take the NW 50th St. exit.
  • Turn right onto NW 50th St.
  • Go about half a mile, then turn left onto N May Ave.
  • Turn right onto NW 58th St.
  • Our building will be on the left.

From Points West:

  • Take Northwest Expressway east into Oklahoma City.
  • Turn left onto Mosteller Pl.
  • Take the first right onto United Founders Blvd.
  • Turn left onto N May Ave.
  • Turn right onto NW 58th St.
  • Our building will be on the left.