Yahoo! Lists Five Notable Celebrity Tax Evaders

Posted on Oct 22, 2012

Every year, we hear about celebrities getting in trouble with the IRS for withholding or underpaying their taxes, but who are the five most notable celebrity offenders of the last 20 or so years? In a recent article, Yahoo! provides this helpful list:

Willie Nelson has been in trouble with the IRS since 1972, and was eventually presented a bill for $6 million in unpaid taxes, as well as a whopping $10 million in accumulated interest and penalties. He later wound up suing his PriceWaterhouse accountants.

Between 1999 and 2001, the IRS claims, actor Wesley Snipes chose not to declare $14 million in income, and also filed false information in order to obtain tax refunds. The one-time A-list actor currently is serving three years in a minimum-security prison.

The photographer Annie Liebovitz did not declare her income from 2004 to 2008, and wound up owing the IRS nearly $1.5 million in back taxes, penalties and interest. She has since restructured her debt, and didn't have to sell off her famous photos.

Italy isn't exactly known for its tough tax collectors, but superstar Sophia Loren spent 17 days in jail back in 1982 for underreporting her income by five million lira (which sounds like a lot, but only amounted to about $8,000).

Ex-Fugees member and international rap star Lauryn Hill didn't file her taxes between 2005 and 2007, and now owes the IRS about $1.5 million in back taxes, penalties, and interest. She faces sentencing soon, after her conviction for tax evasion.

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