Uncle Luke Accused of Owing Back Taxes to Uncle Sam

Posted on Apr 01, 2014

Luther Campbell, also known as Uncle Luke, has been accused of not paying some or all of his federal taxes for tax year 2012. More specifically, the IRS claims that he owes approximately $74,000 and the agency has filed a tax lien on his property to protect its interest in collecting the back taxes.

Luther Campbell Is Not the First Hip Hop Star to Get in Trouble With the IRS

In just the last year, Snoop Dog, MC Hammer, and others have been accused of not paying their full tax liability to the IRS.

Mr. Campbell owns a record label in addition to being a rapper and an actor. He was once the leader of the band 2 Live Crew and he has had his own show on VH1. He has also been part of many other ventures in the entertainment world.

In 1994, he was a party to a United States Supreme Court case. The Supreme Court found that 2 Live Crew’s version of “Pretty Woman” was a commercial parody that could qualify as fair use pursuant to United States copyright law.

Will Uncle Luke Resolve His Current Legal Problem?

It is too soon to tell. Mr. Campbell and his representatives did not immediately respond to the allegations and alleged federal tax lien in the media.

If you are an Oklahoma citizen who is facing a tax lien, it is important to understand your rights and to respond to the IRS appropriately. Please read our blog post, “What an IRS Tax Lien May Mean to You in Oklahoma,” to learn more.