Stephen Baldwin Owns up to Tax Debt

Posted on Mar 27, 2013

It must be hard to be a Baldwin Brother these days. Alec Baldwin continues to get all the high-paying jobs and celebrity endorsement deals, while brothers Stephen, William, and Daniel labor on the fringes. The trouble is, the IRS isn't much interested in telling one Baldwin Brother from the next—as witness: a recent tax case reported by ABC News.

According to the article, Stephen Baldwin—who has lately been best known for his stint on the Celebrity Apprentice reality show—recently pleaded guilty to a felony tax-evasion charge and agreed to pay back $350,000 over a period of five years, in order to avoid jail time. The youngest of the Baldwin Brothers, Stephen, had been facing up to four years in prison and blamed his tax pickle on bad advice given to him by his manager and accountant.

There's another twist to this story: apparently, Baldwin's limited visibility in recent years is attributable to his religious beliefs, not the declining popularity of any Baldwin Brothers not named Alec. To quote from the article, “Baldwin hopes to pay back the money as quickly as possible, but sought a five-year payback plan because his religious beliefs as an evangelical Christian prohibit him from taking certain acting roles, [his attorney Russell] Yankwit said. The attorney told the News, 'Steve is a faith-based actor. It’s harder to get jobs these days. He can’t do his movies anymore. They have too much violence and drugs in them.'”

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