Oklahoma Tax Commission Said Tulsa Man Owed Back Taxes—but Did He?

Posted on Dec 23, 2013

A Tulsa man was reportedly confused and stunned when he received a letter informing him that he owed the Oklahoma Tax Commission more than $100,000 from an alleged tax debt dating back nine years. Mr. Mike Knight has told the media that he was confident that he had paid the taxes, but that he was worried that the letter could be a dangerous scam or that the state could prevail, even though he did not really owe the taxes.

Most financial institutions, including the bank from which Mr. Knight allegedly wrote the check to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, only keep financial records for seven years. That is standard industry practice. However, Mr. Knight contacted the accounting firm that he used nine years ago, and that firm was reportedly able to find documentation that Mr. Knight had paid his tax liability in full.

Instead of owing the $110,000 in back taxes and penalties reportedly assessed by the Oklahoma Tax Commission, Mr. Knight had an outstanding tax bill of $0. The Oklahoma Tax Commission reportedly reviewed the documentation and sent Mr. Knight a letter confirming that he did not owe the money and blaming an internal computer error for the mistake.

If the Oklahoma Tax Commission or the IRS contacts you for a tax debt that you believe is erroneous, it is important to know your rights and to take the appropriate steps to protect your financial future. For more information, our Tulsa tax lawyers encourage you to read our FREE library article, Oklahoma City Residents: Fight Back Against IRS Mistakes and Protect Your Future

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