New Jersey Man Sentenced for Tax Evasion

Posted on Nov 05, 2012

If the IRS is pursuing you for hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of unpaid taxes, one attractive option might be to flee the country and settle down somewhere with a very clunky extradition policy. 

Unfortunately, that technique did not work for New Jersey resident Dong Sun Mun, who escaped to Vietnam, and then Korea, when the IRS pursued him for an unpaid tax bill. He then was arrested when he tried to re-enter the U.S. by way of Canada.

According to, Mun was the owner of Match Fashions, which did sewing work for various couture companies in the New York metropolitan area. Up until the time Match went out of business in 2007, Mun cashed the checks from his customers (rather than depositing them in a bank account) and used the money to pay his employees off the books, for wages that totaled about $2 million over the three years the company was in business. Needless to say, Mun did not forward the necessary payroll taxes to the government, which constituted the bulk of the $304,000 judgment against him.

This past October, Mun was sentenced to three years in prison. He still has to pay his tax bill (supplemented, of course, by penalties and interest). As the sentencing judge is quoted in the article, "paying taxes is the price of living in a civilized society...[Mun] wanted to live in a civilized society and enjoy all of its benefits but not share any of its burdens.”

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