IRS Tax Violation Results in Probation for Oklahoma City Man

Posted on Oct 07, 2013

In July 2013, 35-year-old Michael Lee McCullah reportedly pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor related to an alleged tax crime. It was alleged that Mr. McCullah was a card dealer in illegal poker games held at a private home in 2007 and that Mr. McCullah failed to report his tips from those games to the IRS. More specifically, when Mr. McCullah pleaded guilty he reportedly admitted filing a false 2007 federal tax return because he failed to report approximately $7,000 in gambling tips from poker games held at the private home of Teddy Mitchell to the IRS.

Mr. McCullah also worked in Oklahoma casinos and there were no reported allegations of failing to report gambling tips to the IRS arising from his work in those casinos.

Last month, Mr. McCullah was sentenced by a U.S District Court judge in Oklahoma City for the misdemeanor that arose from his alleged IRS tax violation. Judge David Russell reportedly put Mr. McCullah on probation for one year, fined him $1,000 and ordered him to pay $884 in restitution to the IRS.

Mr. McCullah apologized for what he had done and told the Judge that he had been trying to make things right. The felony illegal gambling count brought against Mr. McCullah was dismissed.

If you have been accused of an IRS tax violation because of unreported gambling income then it is important to understand your rights and to take the necessary steps to protect your future. Our Oklahoma City tax lawyers encourage you to read our FREE blog post, “The Gambler’s Quick Reference Guide to Taxes and the IRS,” for more information.

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