IRS Agent Once Investigated for Mortgage Fraud

Posted on Sep 22, 2012

The 2008 housing collapse, from which the nation has yet to bounce back, has been a bonanza for government fraud investigators, who are eager to root out the holders of illegally-obtained mortgages and the bank officials who authorized them. So, it's somewhat ironic to read about Beverly Hood—an IRS agent of more than 20 years who specializes in mortgage fraud—who was very recently accused of mortgage fraud herself.

According to Fox Business, Hood and her husband filed for bankruptcy in late 2009, yet continued to live in their $500,000 home in Colorado for almost two years without making a single mortgage payment. One of the IRS employees under Hood's management apparently blew the whistle, and she found herself investigated (and cleared) by a fellow revenue officer.

Asked for a comment by Fox, an IRS spokesman would say only that “The IRS expects its employees to meet high ethical and conduct standards, which includes meeting their tax and financial obligations. Any allegation of employee misconduct is taken seriously and reported to the Treasury Inspector General for investigation.”

Has this experience made Hood any more empathic with the subjects of her investigations? Apparently not. As she's quoted by Fox, "It's really not my job to pass judgment on people. It's my job to gather the facts, and if it looks like there should be a recommendation for prosecution, move it forward."

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