Georgia City Slapped With $65,000 Tax Lien

Posted on Jan 30, 2013

One usually hears about the IRS penalizing individual citizens for not paying their taxes, so it’s a surprise to learn that tax liens can apply to entire municipalities! According to The Fish Wrap, Aragon, Georgia has been slapped with a $65,000 tax lien by the IRS, a result of the administration not forwarding withholding taxes for city employees. The lien represents almost 10 percent of Aragon's annual operating budget of $725,000. According to mayor Ken Suffridge, it will force the municipality to hold off on buying a new police car.

How did Aragon get so far behind in its taxes? An IRS revenue officer may or may not be impressed by the excuse offered by Suffridge. As he tells The Fish Wrap, “It’s been explained to me that the lack of an audit is because of a computer crash that took place in 2008. Records were lost because of that. We also had a water pipe break, and that destroyed a bunch of records… It is extremely hard to catch up once you get behind.”

As a result of the lien, Aragon administrators are stepping up their efforts to collect back taxes from residents. This may be a tough proposition, since the town received over $60,000 in donations in 2012, which it used to purchase “a Community Center building, a severe weather warning horn, recreation funds along with several acres of land for recreation, taser equipment, and office furniture.”

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