Deadline for Innocent Spouse Relief May Be Extended by IRS

Posted on Sep 01, 2013

In 2011, the IRS announced that it would stop enforcing the two-year time limit for filing an innocent spouse claim with the agency. Last month, the IRS proposed new rules that would make the suspension of the two-year time limit into law and extend the time that a taxpayer has to file an innocent spouse relief claim with the agency. More specifically, On August 12, 2013 the IRS proposed rules that would provide taxpayers with up to 10 years to file an innocent spouse claim.

One of the reasons for the proposed change is allegedly pressure from Congress. Some lawmakers were reportedly concerned that the two-year time limit for filing for innocent spouse relief was unfair to those spouses who were victims of abuse. It is alleged that many of the 50,000 taxpayers who file for IRS innocent spouse relief each year are single mothers whose husbands have created tax problems and subsequently left them.

The proposed changes to the innocent spouse program would also prevent the IRS from demanding payment for outstanding taxes while an innocent spouse application was being processed.

These changes are currently in the 90-day public comment period. They have not yet been finalized.

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