Colorado Man Sentenced for Tax Evasion

Posted on Nov 19, 2012

You might think giving to charity and evading taxes are two behaviors you'd rarely find in the average person. But, according to a story in the Kirkland Patch, you'd be dead wrong. According to this news site, Kirkland, Denver resident William Ballantine pleaded guilty to funneling $360,000 in funds from a charity his mother had set up at a local church.

Ballantine funneled the funds from the church into his own bank account in an effort to avoid paying taxes. Perhaps not coincidentally, only a few days before his appearance in court Ballantine donated $125,000 to the Kirkland Arts Center.

Did Ballantine's last-minute charitable act impress the judge? Well, it's hard to tell: he wound up being sentenced to 13 months in prison (his lawyer argued for community service instead). He also has to pay $20,000 in restitution, and put in three years of community service.

Usually, a judge would look askance at an individual who made a major charitable donation at the same time as he owed a substantial back tax bill to the government. However, the Kirkland Patch says, Ballantine has already made good on his tax debt, and has long since paid back all the money he had illegally funnelled from his mother's charity.

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