Charlie Sheen Helps Pay Lindsay Lohan's Tax Debt

Posted on Dec 20, 2012

Most people who owe hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of back taxes to the IRS don't have recourse to famous friends who can help them out of a tight spot. Then again, most people aren't Lindsay Lohan, who has spent as much of her life getting into trouble with the law (drunk driving, robbery, tax evasion) as she has had being a bankable child star.

According to (based on a story broken by the entertainment website TMZ), Lohan was recently the recipient of a $100,000 check from her good friend Charlie Sheen—who hasn't exactly stayed out of trouble with the law himself. (The two recently met while filming Scary Movie 5, which may count as another crime altogether.)

To quote from the Examiner story: “Lohan and Sheen bonded during their time together and TMZ reports that the couple talked about everything, including Lohan's ongoing tax woes with the Internal Revenue Service. Allegedly Charlie offered to cut Lohan a check right then and there, but Lindsay refused Sheen’s generous offer of help.”

Apparently, Lohan reconsidered her decision, since her business manager later cashed Sheen's check and applied it toward the actress's outstanding $233,000 IRS tax debt, which she accrued in 2009 and 2010.

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