Celebrity Tailor Cops to Tax-Evasion Plea

Posted on Mar 17, 2013

In his career, New York tailor Mohan Ramchandani has personally outfitted a wide assortment of Big Apple celebrities, ranging from former mayors (Rudy Giuliani and Ed Koch) to former New York Knicks stars (Walt Frazier and Patrick Ewing). Now, according to the New York Post, Ramchandani may need some help from his celebrity clients, since he was recently charged with failing to pay a whopping $3 million in taxes.

Since 2007, according to the Post, Ramchandani has neglected to pay $1.7 million in sales taxes for all those expensive suits, $864,000 in corporate taxes (for his company, Mohan's Custom Tailors), and $250,000 in personal income taxes. In court, he pleaded guilty to falsifying business records and filing false tax documents, and has promised to pay his debt within two years (he has already recompensed the IRS to the tune of $750,000).

Considering his reputation, Ramchandani can't escape some gentle (or not-so-gentle) jabs from the popular press. The New York Post story notes that, “Ramchandani came to court in a custom-tailored, three-piece, dark navy suit, with a diagonally striped blue, red, chartreuse and gold tie and a pale lavender shirt, distinguishing himself in a crowd of rumpled hoodies and sweats,” and quotes the disgraced tailor as once saying that “every man needs 15 suits—some solid, some stripes and one plaid.”

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