Casino Applicant Pays Back Taxes in Full

Posted on Feb 28, 2013

In the United States, owning a licensed casino is like being allowed to print money—so it’s no surprise that anyone in the running to be granted an official casino license would want to show his clean hands to regulatory authorities.

According to, Bart Blatstein, a Pennsylvania real-estate developer, is one of six applicants being considered for a casino license in Philadelphia (like many municipalities around the nation, Philly is considering pumping up its tax revenues by legalizing gambling). It turns out that Blatstein had owed the city more than $120,000 in municipal taxes, a bill that he settled in January of 2013 (he claims he only recently learned about the debt).

Of course, this raises the interesting issue of whether paying a back tax debt in full, rather than contesting the matter in court, somehow could be interpreted as a “bribe” by the municipal authorities. At the very least, Blatstein’s gesture probably will impel the other license candidates to wipe their own slates clean, lest they be accused of malfeasance. To quote from the story, “A spokesman for the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board said he couldn’t speculate on whether the matter would affect Blatstein’s candidacy.”

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