Alert: Do You Pay the Oklahoma Tax Commission Electronically?

Posted on Feb 28, 2014

Allowing the State of Oklahoma to withdraw the taxes that you owe directly from your bank account may seem like a good idea. You cannot forget to send the check and it will not get lost in the mail. In addition, you will have a record of the debit. However, this system of paying the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) only works if the agency correctly debits the money from your account.

That Didn’t Happen For at Least One Oklahoma Taxpayer

Recently, Oklahoma taxpayer Jordan Gilbert noticed a problem in his bank account. When he checked his account, he found that the OTC had withdrawn $917, more than two weeks ahead of the date on which the funds were scheduled to be withdrawn. Mr. Gilbert called the OTC and a representative admitted that there was a glitch in the system that caused all scheduled returns to post immediately.

The OTC said it would take care of the problem, but instead of crediting the money back, it withdrew the same amount again—a total withdrawal of $1814 from Mr. Gilbert’s account.

The OTC is working to find out how many Oklahoma taxpayers were affected by this glitch. It says that it will pay back money owed and overdraft fees for affected taxpayers.

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