What To Do After Your Oklahoma City Employer Finds Out About a Wage Garnishment

You didn’t expect that the IRS would go through with it. You saw the notices, but you never believed that your employer would be notified about your Oklahoma City wage garnishment.

Now You Know You Have to Do Something

There can be no more indecision or wishful thinking. You will have to take action unless you can make ends meet with the reduction in your pay, and you are willing to let the IRS levy your wages. 

In order to stop the wage garnishment or levy, you or your tax lawyer may contact the IRS to discuss:

  • An immediate economic hardship exception. Generally, if the IRS determines that a wage garnishment will cause you immediate economic hardship, then the agency may issue a levy release. A levy release will stop the wage garnishment, but it will not end your tax problems. You will still remain liable for paying your back tax bill.
  • A collection due process hearing. A collection due process hearing may be granted if you make the request in a timely fashion and wish to discuss one of the following issues with the IRS:
    • You satisfied your tax debt before the IRS sent a levy notice.
    • The IRS assessed the tax and sent a levy notice while you were in bankruptcy.
    • The IRS made a procedural error.
    • The time the IRS had to collect the tax expired before the wage garnishment notice was issued.
    • You have not had a fair opportunity to dispute the alleged back taxes you owe.
    • You want to discuss collection options.
    • You want to assert a spousal defense.

Remember, it is not enough to make an assertion to the IRS. Instead, you will have to prove why your wages shouldn’t be garnished.

You Don’t Have to Fight an Oklahoma City Wage Garnishment on Your Own: Our Tax Lawyers Are Here to Help

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