Past failure with your tax problem is not an indicator of your future. Failure is always an event. It is never a person. Stop asking, "how did I get in this mess?" and start asking "what can I do today to get out of it!"

Did you know that doing NOTHING about your IRS problem is a legitimate strategy?

Unfortunately, it is only purposeful dormancy that is an arrow in the IRS problem-solving quiver.  We often advise people who are, for example, in the final stages of the IRS’ statute of limitations (who are not facing an immediate levy, of course) to “let sleeping dogs lie,” so to speak.

On the other hand, lackadaisical, passive, lax, lazy, lethargic, listless, sedentary do-nothing-ness is never the answer to an IRS problem, and that is what I would like to talk to you about today.

It should come as no surprise that the majority of the people I see on a daily basis with a tax problem suffer from complacency in one form or another.  The IRS has a way of lulling the unsuspecting procrastinator into years, decades even, of complacency.  Then, there is always a brother-in-law or an acquaintance that has regularly neglected to file and/or pay his taxes with impunity, or even prosperity.

The painstakingly slow IRS stalls in every move it makes, other than your bank or wage levy.  They are pretty quick about those.  However, when the IRS finally catches up with you--and they usually do, eventually--the penalties (including criminal penalties in some cases) and the interest simply make it not worth the risk of putting off the IRS another day. 

Don’t get depressed.  Just do something about your problem today.  Failure, even habitual failure, is always just an event.  It is never a person.  I always tell people that when the IRS catches up with you, they could care less about the reasons you got into this mess.  So, why should you?  Get up, dust yourself off and get to work on it.  If you are in the Oklahoma City area, call me, tax attorney Travis Watkins, today to get started at 405-607-1192.  If you are in the Tulsa area, call my satellite office at 918-877-2794 or 1-800-721-7054 any time, day or night.  Review Travis on today.


Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney