Today Is Your Lucky Day. The End to Your Tax Liability Problem Is in Sight

Why Choose Tax Attorney Travis Watkins?

The "Other Guys"

The Law Offices of Travis Watkins

1. Mostly located in out-of-state locations. Negotiations done primarily by phone, not face-to-face with a local, licensed attorney representing you. 1. Law offices with lawyers in good standing since 1999 in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Norman, Dallas, Texas, and Bentonville, Arkansas. This matters because an IRS problem IS a legal problem!
2. Often charge low entry fees, billing you more and more each month until case conclusion or you fire them, whichever occurs first. 2. One-time fee, quoted to you at your FREE 30 minute consultation with one of our attorneys. We offer some payment plans as well, but the fee doesn't change.
3. Only feature a Better Business Bureau rating. 3. An A+ rating with the BBB, AND a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist®, the highest designation with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers, a non-profit organization training "rescue squads" of tax professionals. Watkins is the only such specialist in the state of Oklahoma.
4. Low attorney to salesman ratio (many of these outfits have very few or no lawyers who can solve your tax problem, compared to untrained salesmen. Some outfits are like 1:8). 4. NO salesmen. At your FREE 30 minute consultation, you will speak to a trained attorney.
5. Most can't represent you in U.S. Tax Court or other court of law. Translation: the IRS isn't held accountable by the threat of litigation without a lawyer. 5. Attorneys licensed to practice in U.S. Tax Court and all State and Federal Courts in the states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas, including bankruptcy court (that's right, some taxes are actually dischargeable in bankruptcy!).