"Lucky Duckies" Face Sea of Taxes, While Ultra Rich Beg for More

Republican think tanks have spawned some new dogma to counter Obama's class warfare approach to American taxation.  Republicans such as Rick Perry and Michele Bachman are calling for a broadening of the taxpayer base to beef up the income tax rolls. The target--"lucky duckies"--the growing number of Americans who pay no taxes whatsoever.

Historically, the number of Lucky Duckies were never more than 30% of the population.  Bush tax cuts and Obama deductions have caused this number to rise to nearly 47%.  

Meanwhile, billionaire Warren Buffett has repeatedly begged for more taxes.  Buffett, whose income is paid mostly through capital gains, complains that he and his other ultra rich comrades are disproportionately taxed less than the majority of Americans. 

Translation: Tax increases are coming.  Who will shoulder the burden?