Are You Looking Forward to Retirement in Oklahoma? Not So Fast if You Have an IRS Bill

You’ve looked forward to this day for so long. One day soon, you are going to wake up and not go to work. You won’t have to be available for your employer, your customers, or your clients. You are going to be free of the confines of work and finally able to enjoy your golden years.

Your Retirement May Not Be What You Expect

You have every right to look forward to an enjoyable and comfortable retirement. You have been working toward it for years by contributing to Social Security and saving in 401(k)s, IRAs, or other retirement investment vehicles. Until now, the IRS has not been able to take money from those accounts to satisfy the tax debt that you owe to the federal government. However, now that these accounts have vested, and you have the legal right to get money from them, the IRS’ rights to these accounts have changed, too. Now, the IRS can levy these accounts to satisfy your back taxes, interest, and penalties. Obviously, this may have a significant impact on your retirement and on how you enjoy what you thought would be the carefree and fun reward for working so many years of your adult life.

Call an Oklahoma City Tax Attorney for Help before You Retire

In order to prevent a serious and significant surprise from the IRS that could jeopardize your retirement, it is important to be proactive and to take the necessary steps to deal with your IRS issue before retiring from your job.

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