Dealing With the IRS? 3 Issues That May Cause Problems

Paying taxes sounds like a relatively straightforward concept. Each member of our society is responsible for paying a certain amount of tax to our government in exchange for the public services we all receive. Unfortunately, in practice, the tax system in the United States is far from simple. Instead, it is ripe with potential problems for even those taxpayers who have the best intentions. The following is an overview of issues that can ultimately result in a problem for a taxpayer.

Three Issues That Can Give Taxpayers Problems

What are some of the issues that can impact taxpayers and create problems? Below are three common examples:

  1. Issues with IRS bureaucracy. Some have claimed that civil servants working within the bureaucracy are not necessarily proactive or self-starters. Many workers came to their positions at the IRS after spending several years in the grueling world of private business. Others may simply be working at the IRS to build their resumes for a better position at a private company or the government sector. As a result, employees at the IRS can sometimes take a “paint-by-numbers” approach to working with taxpayers. The taxpayer, on the other hand, is facing a major tax problem that is likely consuming his or her life, both financially and personally. This can be extremely frustrating when you are facing a problem and need to sort it out with someone who is willing to look at the facts and circumstances of your case and create a unique solution.
  2. Problems caused by IRS computers.The potential for human error combined with the widespread use of computers at the Internal Revenue Service creates ample room for issues to arise. Files are sometimes lost in the computer, errors can be made with data input, and it can sometimes be more beneficial for a taxpayer’s file to be in the hands of an employee rather than stored somewhere on a hard drive. Unfortunately, the ultimate goal of the IRS is to go completely paperless for tax returns, meaning these problems will only get worse.
  3. Problems caused by complexity within the Internal Revenue Service organization. Both the IRS as an organization and U.S. tax code as our governing laws are among the most complex in the world. The role of the IRS is to ensure that taxpayers follow these laws and rules. Unfortunately, even the employees within this governing body struggle to understand the tax code fully. The code itself contains many contradictions and unclear provisions. This makes it difficult for the IRS to administer the code, for taxpayers to follow it, and for tax professionals to offer guidance and advice. The end result is a potential for serious problems for individual taxpayers.

Our Attorneys Can Help You

Fortunately for taxpayers, a tax problem does not necessarily have to mean financial ruin. There are many solutions that can be utilized to help dig you out of your tax-related hole. Start learning more about how to deal with your tax problem by checking out our free guide – The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.