Facing Tax Problems in Oklahoma? These Arguments Won’t Work on the IRS

The arguments that you want to raise with the IRS may be correct. You may be right, but think back to how things were when you were a teen. Did your lofty arguments about justice and personal decision-making work on your parents? Did the principal waive the rules because you relied on your friend’s advice? Was anyone convinced you were not to blame for failing to hand in your schoolwork because you didn’t write down the homework assignment? Think about those answers and then decide whether the authority figures at the IRS are going to find your arguments persuasive.

Three Arguments the IRS Isn’t Going to Buy

Just as nobody was persuaded by your claims of innocence in high school, nobody is going to be convinced of the following arguments at the IRS. Therefore, we encourage you not to claim that:

  1. The tax is unconstitutional. This argument simply isn’t going to go anywhere. The IRS knows this and will not view your argument kindly.
  2. You didn’t read the return prepared by your accountant before signing it and filing your tax returns. It is your responsibility to make sure that everything in your tax return is true.
  3. You relied on your spouse. You may rely on your spouse, but you should be confident that what your spouse is saying or doing is legal.

While these arguments may not work and may not solve your tax problems, there may be other arguments that will persuade the IRS revenue officer that your tax bill should be lowered or eliminated.

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