Do You Have Reasonable Cause to Have Your Tax Penalties Lowered or Forgiven in OK?

The back taxes that you owe are bad enough. If you really change your lifestyle and make some sacrifices, however, you can imagine a plan whereby you can pay what you owe. However, once you add in the penalties that the IRS wants to impose, your tax bill is well out of your reach. Still, there may be a way to get out of trouble if you convince the IRS to issue a tax penalty abatement.

Understanding “Reasonable” in Reasonable Cause

The IRS may grant you a tax penalty abatement for different reasons. One reason for a tax abatement is if you have “reasonable cause” to request such relief. In order to qualify for this type of relief you need to establish that you exercised care and diligence when making your tax payments and that your overdue taxes are just a mistake. In other words, your original intent was not to cheat the government out of taxes that you owed. Instead, something happened. 


  • You made a mistake
  • There were circumstances beyond your control, such as illness, that kept you from being on top of your tax obligations
  • A fire or storm destroyed your records.

Reasonable cause is one way to reduce your tax bill, but it is not the only way to establish that you should get a tax penalty abatement. 

Call a Tulsa Tax Attorney for Help

In order to determine whether you qualify for this type of relief, or other relief, it is important to contact an experienced Tulsa tax lawyer today for a free consultation. If you qualify for a tax penalty abatement, our attorneys will work hard to negotiate a fair solution with the IRS.

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