About to Go Out of Business? Don't Count on Sympathy From the Feds

Given the current state of our economy, you might think the federal government would do everything it can to support small business owners. While some agencies can be helpful to struggling concerns, “helpful” doesn't apply to the IRS. Their main concern is to collect your back payroll taxes; they don’t mind if wresting the full amount owed will put you out of business and put your two-dozen workers on the unemployment line!

In the Government, the Right Hand Doesn't Know What the Left Hand Is Doing

How can it be that the IRS gladly puts small firms out of business for not paying their payroll taxes, when other branches of the government are doing everything they can to shore up the economy? There are a number of reasons:

  • If you haven’t forwarded your payroll taxes to the government, then technically you are a criminal in the eyes of the law—no better than a bank robber. Good luck getting your local representative to stand up for you to the IRS, or getting some kind of exemption from collecting taxes from your employees!
  • The U.S. government is not one vast, coordinated entity, but a collection of entrenched bureaucracies which usually are unaware of each others’ agendas. We can’t even get the CIA and the FBI to work together reliably; what chance is there of coordinating the IRS and the Department of Commerce?
  • The IRS doesn't deliberately set out to put small companies out of business. Once a revenue officer obtains the required payment, he goes on to the next case. Many times, the responsible government officials aren't even aware they've ruined the livelihoods of dozens or hundreds of employees.

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If you have been presented with a back-payroll tax bill which threatens the survival of your company, you need a fast solution so you and your firm can get through this crisis reasonably intact. It may be possible to negotiate a settlement with the government, or even to dispute the amount of tax owed.

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