There's No Such Thing as a “Stalemate” When Dealing with the IRS

If you owe a large amount of money to the IRS, and have been hounded by revenue officers for years, there may come a time when both sides (you and the government) have temporarily exhausted your ammunition and things seem to be at a standstill. The IRS has done everything it can to collect the debt (put a lien on your home, garnished your salary, etc.) and you are doggedly soldiering on, even with all these financial burdens. What happens next?

Remember: The IRS Has Virtually Unlimited Resources

Unless you are a mega-millionaire who can afford to hire a team of tax lawyers, you need to remember that you are not an equal match for the IRS. Although your ongoing tax dispute may seem to be at a stalemate, the government can still choose to:

  • Increase its level of harassment, dispatching federal agents to search your home and place of business
  • Escalate your tax dispute from a civil matter to a criminal one, with the threat of substantial jail time
  • Make sure all your friends, family, and business associates are aware of your tax problems, with the aim of increasing the pressure on you to settle with the IRS
  • Make it impossible for you to start a new business, or come up with any way to make a living
  • Continue increasing the penalties and interest on your tax debt; by the time the matter is resolved, you may owe literally millions of dollars
  • If you're a foreign national, literally hound you out of the country, making sure (of course) that all your assets and other property are left behind

Stuck in a Tax Stalemate? You Need the Advice of an Expert Lawyer

At Travis W. Watkins, PC, we know that the federal government has virtually unlimited resources when it comes to collecting unpaid tax debts—and that you're only fooling yourself if you think you've battled the feds to a standstill. Want to know what we can do for you? Call our Oklahoma tax lawyers at 800-721-7054 for a free consultation today!