Oklahoma tax lawyer Travis Watkins has teamed with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers to offer Pro Bono Representation to Returning Combat Veterans Facing Tax Problems

60,000 or so Returning Combat Veterans (servicemembers and reservists) face IRS problems, to the tune of an estimated $390 million in back taxes.  This is unfair and unconscionable, but despite this delinquency rate, it is still less than the rate for other federal government (2% of servicemembers are delinquent, compared to nearly 3% for federal civilian employees). 

Our brave men and women are returning home from combat to face their government and its complicated and confusing tax code.  Here's the rub.  Tax breaks are less than clear concerning income earned while serving in combat zones.  For example, the military has designated numerous zones in the world for the benefit, but complicated formulas, restrictions and conditions apply which baffle the experts.  Compounding the problem is the fact that the IRS is only required to give notice to the last known address.  Frequent moves over long periods of time for servicemen means that they may miss vital due process deadlines.

For these reasons, Travis Watkins has teamed with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers to help returning combat veterans with IRS problems.  ASTPS members like Watkins have volunteered to represent these servicemembers for no fee as a way of expressing our appreciation for their service.  We will accept pro bono cases from our area that have enrolled at the ASTPS website located at ASTPS.org.  Applicants must be returning combat veterans with documentation of their depoloyment location and dates. 

Travis Watkins
Senior Tax Attorney