Should You File Doubt as to Liability? Doubt as Collectability? Have no Doubt With Help of Oklahoma Tax Lawyer

You know that the notice that you received from the IRS isn’t good news. You know that you have federal tax problems that need to be resolved, but how are you going to do that? Do you know what type of solution to propose to the IRS? Do you know how to get the IRS to accept an offer in compromise or other resolution to your problem?

Doubt as to Liability, Doubt as to Collectability, Other Solutions

If you owe money to the IRS, or if the IRS claims that you owe back taxes then two of the solutions you might consider include filing a doubt as to liability or a doubt as to collectability. These are different solutions and you may not file both to solve the same tax problem. Specifically it is important to know that:


  • Doubt as to Liability. A doubt as to liability offer should be made if you have a legitimate reason to believe that you do not owe the taxes that he IRS says that you owe.
  • Doubt as to Collectability. A doubt as to collectability offer should be made if you agree with the IRS assessment of the taxes that you owe but you lack the resources to pay your tax debt.


It is also important to know that there are other possible solutions and/or offers in compromise that you may file with the IRS to solve your current tax problems. You just need to know which is the right proposed solution for you.

Don’t Fight the IRS Alone; Contact an Oklahoma City Tax Lawyer For Help

The different possible solutions to your tax problem can be overwhelming. For more information about your rights, about the possible solutions to your tax problems, and about how to effectively negotiate with the IRS, please call an experienced Oklahoma City tax attorney today at 800-721-7054 and please read our FREE book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.