I am in trouble with the IRS - Do I need a Lawyer?

The IRS is the nation's largest collection agency. If you owe back taxes, I hardly ever recommend handling it alone. The IRS has endless collection methods at their disposal (levies, seizures, etc.) and furthermore, they are difficult to understand! Sometimes you just need someone to decode their tax Swahili! If you are currently handling your tax problem alone, please take a few minutes to read this very important information- it will only take a few minutes of your time, but it may save you a lifetime of trouble with the IRS.


Number 1: In most cases, you do not have to personally meet with the IRS to discuss anything. Don't let the IRS intimidate you into telling them any information. You do not have to. Instead you can select to have your own representative meet or talk to the IRS at some other location. This means no intimidating meetings with the IRS in your home or business. The only time the IRS can make you appear and provide information is if they summons you. This is extremely unlikely.


Number 2: You do not have to sign anything the IRS provides you until you have had your representative review and approve it. Never sign anything from the IRS unless you completely understand the repercussions. You may be giving up some of your rights or extending the time the IRS has to audit you or attempt to collect taxes from you.


Number 3: The IRS is not always right...even though they think they are. Always ask for more when dealing with the IRS. Just because the IRS says that the tax laws entitle you to such and such...ask for more. This could be more time to file, more time to pay, for an adjustment in your favor during an audit, to pay less than you owe, to have the IRS get rid of penalties, to stop the interest they are charging you...ask for anything that benefits you! If you don't...I GUARANTEE the IRS will not give you something you have not asked for. All they can do is say no....Don't be afraid to ask.


Number 4: If you do decide to talk to the IRS...then only give them information that they ask for specifically. Do not provide them anything else. Remember that you have the right to stop any IRS questioning at anytime by telling the IRS employee that you want or need representation. If you find yourself in any uncomfortable conversation or meeting with the IRS and you get that sinking feeling in your stomach that things are not going well...then stop talking! Tell the IRS employee THAT'S IT...refuse to answer any more questions until you get representation. If they give you a hard time...immediately ask for their manager's name, title, and direct phone number. Try to remember what you told them before you decided to stop talking and schedule an appointment to meet with a professional who represents taxpayers in front of the IRS everyday.