You Should Never Ignore an Official Notice from the IRS

Some people drift blissfully through life, willfully ignoring any problems which happen to come their way. Behind on your mortgage? Simply abandon your house and move to another state. Having trouble in your marriage? Disappear one day, taking all your belongings with you. Being dunned by the IRS for unpaid taxes? Throw the letters in the trash and go about your life as you normally would. They'll forget about you eventually, won't they?

When it Comes to Taxes, You Can't Ignore Reality

Let's play devil's advocate for a moment, and explore what would actually happen if an individual simply ignored all the red flags thrown down his path by the IRS. Letters are tossed in the trash, phone calls are hung up on, and the person may even choose to hide in a closet when an IRS agent (or even a police officer) shows up at his door. What will be the fruits of this strategy? Well, if you consistently choose not to engage with it, the IRS can:

  • Freeze all your bank accounts, making it impossible to deposit or withdraw money.
  • Make trouble for you at work, by telling your employer about your tax problems (and even, possibly, holding him partly to account).
  • Put a tax lien on your home, and eventually sell it right out from under you. Imagine answering the door to be greeted by the new owners of your house!
  • Have armed officers raid your home and take you into custody by force (if you owe a sufficient amount of money).
  • Cancel all your credit cards, or place you on official lists which make it impossible to obtain credit, open a bank account, or even find a legitimate job.

The list goes on and on. The fact is the IRS eventually will get through to even the most blissfully ignorant taxpayer—and, by the time it does, the penalties that person faces will be extremely harsh.

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Sometimes, it's easier to ignore reality than it is to actively deal with it—but when it comes to your taxes, that method is a recipe for disaster.

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