3 Tips for Telling Your Employer About a Possible IRS Wage Garnishment


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cannot garnish your wages without first providing you notice. You know, or should know, when an IRS wage garnishment is on its way and you should expect that the IRS is not making an empty threat. If you fail to respond to the notice or fail to make alternative arrangements for paying your tax debt, the IRS is going to notify your employer and begin taking money out of your paycheck.

How to Handle This Difficult Conversation

We know that you would rather not discuss your tax problems with your boss at Thrifty Automotive Group in Tulsa. However, you want your employer to understand that you are a responsible person and you want to share your side of the story before your employer draws his own conclusions based on the wage garnishment notice received from the IRS. Accordingly, it is important to:

  • Schedule some time to talk. This is not a conversation that you want to have at the water cooler. While it is important for your employer or human resources department to know about a possible wage garnishment, it is not important for your co-workers to know too.
  • Accept responsibility. Explain what happened. Did you have to make difficult financial decisions? Did you make a mistake? Let your employer know that you are working on a solution.
  • Reassure your employer that this has nothing to do with your job performance. Ultimately, your boss will want to know that you will be responsible, do a good job, and not cause your company any problems.


It is also important to honestly and completely answer your employer’s questions about your IRS wage garnishment.

How to Handle Your Tax Problems

Your employer is not the only one that you should talk to. You should also consider talking to an experienced attorney about your tax problems and your legal rights so that you can form a plan about what to do next. For more information, we invite you to contact us via this website and to read our complimentary book, The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems.