Is a tax lien keeping you from being able to buy a car? Is a tax lien keeping you from being able to buy a house? Quit letting the IRS control your life and start working toward a resolution with the help of an Oklahoma City tax lawyer!

Is your IRS Problem keeping you from buying a house?  Or a car?  If your answer is "yes", then you have a tax lien.  Today I am going to set the records straight with regards to liens.  First, don't get confused.  When the IRS takes your A/R if you are self-employed, or puts a hold on your bank account, that is not a lien.  That is an IRS levy.  A levy is an action where the IRS actually seizes property.  A lien is how they legally make claim to your property so that you can't sell it.
Here is what happens:  you owe the IRS.  They file a tax lien in the county where they believe or have record to believe you own real property.  Simultaneously, the tax lien is sent to the credit bureaus.  Now whenever you go to take out a loan, your credit is pulled and they deny you because you owe the IRS!  This is a problem.  And on top of that, it's public embarrassing!  So what do you do? 

You should have your master file looked at by a licensed, local, lawyer.  Only someone who is certified to deal with the IRS can look at your transcripts and determine if anything can be done to remove tax liens.  Sometimes, the answer is "nothing right now."  But sometimes, there are options.  For example, a person who is self-employed and in a profession reliant on lines of credit...they may have options. 

The effects of IRS Problems are endless.  They take a toll financially, emotionally, physically.   It's true that financial stress is one of the most harmful kinds of stress.   It's time to stop the problem at the core.  Don't wait any longer.  You know you are ready to get your life back.  And let me help you do that.  Call me today for a free consultation.  What have you got to lose?