The IRS Will Notice Eventually That You Haven't Paid Your Taxes

Most Oklahoma citizens don't deliberately set out to cheat the IRS out of decades of federal taxes. Usually, a person has a particularly bad year—a divorce, a death in the family, some other personal or financial crisis—and neglects to file that year's taxes. The next year, after the dust has settled, that individual may be worried about the consequences of skipping his taxes the previous year—and if he pays this year's taxes, won't that just alert the IRS to his previous year's indiscretion? Thus, the cycle begins.

Your IRS Tax Problems Are Best Dealt with Sooner, Rather Than Later

Many people, when they know they've been delinquent on their taxes, are reluctant to “wake the sleeping beast” by approaching the IRS directly and begging for mercy. They wind up living like escaped prisoners—reluctant to open bank accounts, take out loans, or engage in any other “official” activities that might attract the notice of the government. Even worse, they wind up compelling their spouses, or even their children, to be complicit in their deceit, acting as stand-ins for financial transactions they should be handling themselves.

What are the consequences of not paying your taxes for an extended period of time? Among other things:

  • The IRS will find you out, eventually. It may take two years, it may take five years, but you'll be held to account for all of your back taxes.
  • In addition to the taxes you owe, the IRS will levy interest and penalties, which can add up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how long you've dodged your taxes.
  • In the most extreme cases, the IRS can choose to level criminal charges, in which case you'll probably wind up in a minimum-security prison for two or three years and wind up with a permanent criminal record.

Do You Owe Back Taxes? Contact an Experienced Oklahoma Tax Lawyer Today

Complacency is a powerful thing. “I haven’t paid my taxes for two years and I’ve gotten away with it,” you may think. “Why should the IRS care if I don't pay for a few more years?” “I haven't paid my taxes in years, and the IRS hasn't contacted me yet; who's to say that my tax file hasn't been permanently deleted from their computer system, and I'm home-free for the rest of my life?”

These are wonderful fantasies, but the fact is, if you haven't paid your taxes, the IRS will catch up with you—if not sooner, then certainly later. Contact the Oklahoma tax attorneys at Travis W. Watkins, PC (800-721-7054) to get the ball rolling on your back tax bill, so you can finally have some peace of mind!