IRS May Appear Ruthless to Your Oklahoma Tax Problems But May Have Mercy

The IRS notice that you received seems to leave little room for negotiation. The IRS wants the money that you owe in back taxes and it wants its money now. Your Oklahoma tax problems are not the concern of the IRS. Instead, the agency is concerned with recovering the back taxes, the interest, and the penalties that you owe.

How to Get Mercy From the IRS

The IRS may not care why you were unable to pay your taxes in full and on time. However, the agency does care about recovering as much money as possible and closing your case. Accordingly, the IRS may reach a settlement with you if it is pressured to do so. Accordingly, it is important to contact an Oklahoma tax lawyer if you are having:

  • Payroll or employment tax problems.
  • Income tax problems.
  • Other types of Oklahoma tax problems.

Your lawyer may be able to help you settle your tax debt and achieve a compromise agreement, or other solution, to your outstanding tax problem.

Call an Experienced Attorney for Help With Your Oklahoma Tax Problems

The IRS wants to get as much money from you as possible. The IRS agent or revenue officer assigned to your case may appear ruthless and uninterested in any sickness, hardships, or deception that led to your current tax problems. Yet certain regulations may require the IRS agent or revenue officer to show mercy.

For this reason, our Oklahoma tax lawyers recommend that you do not accept the IRS agent’s advice as the final word on your tax problems. Instead, you deserve to know what your rights really are and whether a compromise agreement can be reached with the federal government.

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