Don’t Be Treated Like a Criminal Because You Had to Make a Tough Business Tax Decision

You faced a difficult decision—one that you did not want to make. Customers who were slow to pay, or a temporary slump in sales, created a cash flow problem for you. As you sat at your desk and tried to stretch the available dollars, you had to make a choice. Do you pay your landlord in order to keep your doors open, your employees so that they can feed their families, or the payroll taxes that you know you owe? You decided to pay your rent and your employees.

The IRS Sees Only One Right Answer to This Difficult Business Tax Decision

For you, as an individual and a business owner, the decision is complicated, but for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the decision is straightforward—you pay the payroll taxes that you owe or you may be considered a thief.

However, you do not deserve to be treated like a bank robber or Ponzi-scheme initiator. Instead, you deserve to be treated like a Tulsa business owner who had a difficult business tax decision to make and who is trying to resolve the issue.

You Are in Trouble and You Need the Help of a Payroll Tax Attorney

Things can get out of control quickly. You need to start protecting your rights right now so that you can be treated fairly and work out a resolution to your tax problem. To that end, we encourage you to download a FREE copy of our book The Ultimate Survival Guide for IRS Problems. In addition, we encourage you to contact our experienced Oklahoma City payroll tax attorneys directly to schedule an initial consultation. Together, we can work toward resolving your IRS business tax problems in a fair and dignified manner. Please call us today or contact us through this website for a confidential consultation about your rights.